It’s been more than two months since the hard freeze that struck Texas in February, but repair parts are still in short supply. The freeze caused extensive damage throughout DFW and beyond. We are now prepping pools for summer while also still struggling to obtain pumps, filters and valves for the pools that were damaged in the freeze. It’s been a wild ride, but we have been working hard to get our customers’ pools ready for summer weather as quickly as possible.

A Perspective from the Inside

When the long hard freeze hit, Texans were left without power for several days, resulting in lifeless and frozen-solid pool equipment. When water in the PVC pipes froze, it expanded, leaving damage unlike anything we’ve seen in our 30 years of pool repair. No other freeze has led to entire filter housing pipes to crack wide open. Many pools experienced major damage.

Kelly and Mike fielded hundreds of phone calls, utilized FaceTime to help many customers remotely, and although icy roads and treacherous pool decks made it interesting, they still made it to many customers’ homes to help save their pool systems. Our own pool systems were not immune to the cold. Mike’s entire neighborhood lost power during the sub-zero temps, and he will have to replace his entire pool system.

Knowing that a cold storm was on the horizon, we had taken preemptive measures and immediately called our suppliers, placing bulk orders of pumps, motors, valves, and filters. Our top priority was getting our weekly service customers operational. Despite our efforts to curb the unexpected level of damage, the pool repair industry is experiencing unprecedented supply shortages meaning orders can’t be fulfilled and shipped for longer-than-expected timelines.

Thank you!

In February alone, Kelly’s Pool Care was googled over 3,600 times. We continued to put people on our repair list but couldn’t guarantee a repair date due to supply shortages.

As you can imagine, this has been a very difficult time not just for our customers but for us as well. We thank you for your support and faith in our ability to fix your pool as soon as we can. Your patience and trust are a huge blessing as we continue fighting for parts and battling repairs in an effort to get everyone, including ourselves, ready for a fun summer swimming season ahead!

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