Over the last 20 years, pool technology has drastically improved. While most of the improvements aim to keep your pool safer, cleaner and easier to maintain, we’ve seen more superficial advancements, as well. Starting with pool finishes. Let’s not kid ourselves: The look of a swimming pool is often the first thing you notice and with the right pool finish, you can completely change the appearance of your pool. And now, you’ve got so many options. Let’s explore!

Pool Finishes: Then and Now

First, let’s start with types of pool surfaces: While vinyl and fiberglass pools are more affordable, concrete pools give you the most flexibility appearance-wise. Once you’ve got your surface, then comes the pool’s finish. Back in the day, pools were typically painted a simple white. While this may have been pleasing to the eye, it required reapplication every couple of years, not to mention, the paint contained lead and copper. Luckily, the industry moved away from paint and began using plaster. This offered extra durability, however, damage and discoloration from unbalanced water still posed a problem. Today, chemical enhancements have led to hardier plaster finishes, but the biggest innovation in finish technology came in the late 1980’s: aggregate finishes.

Stones, Crystals, Pebbles–Oh My!

Aggregate pool finishes have been on the rise the last thirty years and today, they take the top spot as the most desirable pool finish. Aggregate pool finishes contain a variety of materials: river pebbles, stones, ceramic-coated crystals, and glass are just a few. These stones are then combined with cement-based pigmented plaster and applied to your pool’s surface. Due to this process, aggregate finishes are more resistant than other finishes to chemical imbalances in your pool water and last much longer (typically between 15 and 20 years). The durability, and most importantly, its visual appeal, has swayed most pool owners to upgrade to an aggregate finish.

Whether you like the sophisticated look of smooth, colorful glass or the rustic feel of a pebble-bottomed stream, the selection of exposed aggregate options allow you to express your unique style. Plus, now’s a great time to remodel before the summer swimming season starts. Get your backyard ready with an up-to-date pool finish so you and your family can enjoy a pool that looks (and feels!) brand new. For more details on how you can refinish your pool, call Kelly’s Pool Care.

* Featured photo shows QuartzScapes French Gray pool finish by NPT. 

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