Do you remember learning how to dive? It wasn’t just a fun trick to show your friends and family, it was a quintessential part of swimming. To have a pool meant having a diving board and it’d be remiss of us to suggest you give it up entirely. Because really, diving rocks! And that’s just it: We are suggesting diving rocks become the new diving boards. With less opportunity for injury, we’re here to get you behind the idea of diving rocks.

The Benefits of Diving Rocks


Would you believe most swimming pool owners choose diving rocks over traditional diving boards when designing their pool? They’ve become increasingly popular for a number of reasons, most notably being their safety. Without steps and springs, diving rocks are lower to the ground and significantly reduce the risk of injury. Just remember, diving rocks should only ever be placed at the deep end of the pool. If the water isn’t deep enough for a swimming to jump in and not hit the bottom, it’s not a safe spot for a diving rock.


Let’s be real, diving boards can be a bit of an eyesore. Diving rocks, on the other hand, offer a natural-looking substitution that can blend seamlessly into your backyard oasis. And because rocks come in several variations, you or your pool designer can nail down the exact size, color and texture you want. Custom rock work instantly elevates the look and feel of your pool, so you can rest assured knowing your backyard will be the hit of the neighborhood.

The Bottom Line

Diving rocks and we know it. That’s why we want to make sure you, your family and friends can continue to do so, but in a safe way. And while diving rocks are much safer than diving boards, they should still be used with precaution. Before installing, be sure your pool is wide enough to accommodate the rocks and only place on the deep end. Another tip: Proper supervision is a must. No one should be diving (from any surface!) without a responsible adult watching.

If you’re ready to take the plunge on diving rocks, pick your budget and give us a call. Kelly’s Pool Care & Renovation will find the perfect fit for your pool’s landscape.


Increase Beauty & Safety!

Skip the diving board and let us install natural-looking diving rocks for your pool.