Paint Isn’t for Pools

Have you noticed discoloration on your pool’s surface? Or maybe you’re looking to freshen up the look and feel of your pool? Painting might seem like a quick, less expensive option, but trust us—it’s not worth it. When it comes to resurfacing your pool, paint won’t cut it.

But Why?

As counter intuitive as it may seem, painting your pool can actually cost you more in the end. Here’s the deal: Your pool’s surface is a concrete-based product that eventually becomes uneven due to the chemicals in your pool water. These pits and etches can cast shadows leading you to believe your pool’s surface is discolored, when really, it’s a textural issue. If you choose to paint over or apply epoxy over these grooves and dips, the problem won’t be solved.

Not to mention, painting your pool can actually create more issues. As part of your maintenance routine, pool owners use chemicals. Those chemicals can break down the paint resulting in chalky, cloud water and a residue that can stain your skin and swimsuits. As if that weren’t bad enough, paint can often flake off, clogging your pool’s filter, leading to even more damage.

Uh Oh, My Pool Is Painted

Perhaps a previous owner painted the pool, or you saw it as a quick fix before knowing the consequences. Don’t worry, there are ways to reverse the damage. First, your pool will need to be sandblasted (or reverted back to the original surface) in order to create a clean slate. If it isn’t completely clean, the new pool finish may fail to adhere appropriately, resulting in a much bigger problem.

Next, you’ll simply choose the finish you want and leave the rest to us. Kelly’s Pool Care team of experts will properly remove any existing paint, apply your finish and have you back to enjoying your backyard oasis as soon as possible. 

Need Your Pool Resurfaced?

We can do that, and we promise not to paint it.