If it isn’t the beautiful blooms or warmer weather that gave away the official start of spring, it was definitely the pollen. The notorious green hue has probably begun to cover everything in sight: from the sidewalks to your car, and your patio furniture to your pool’s surface and you’re looking for ways to get it out.

The pollen drop is heavily affected by springtime weather. The winds and breezes associated with the heavy bouts of rain, humidity, and intense storms during the spring are the sole perpetrators for all the pollen you see. Whether it’s you or your neighbor’s trees, there’s not much you can do to stop the wind from carrying pollen into your pool. However, there are a few ways to keep your pool healthy and clean when the springtime strikes. Read on to understand the impact of pollen on your pool and the tips to beat it!

How Pollen Affects Your Pool

Unfortunately, more pollen means more work. Because, really, there’s no other way to put it: pollen is bad for your pool – it’s that simple. Without taking the extra time to care and clean your pool during high pollen drops, your pool water will begin to take on a yellowish green tint, plus yellow scum will start to build up along the tile at the waterline.

Pollen is an organic matter that causes algae on your pool walls and clogs your filters, resulting in a dirty pool. It can also increase the demand for more chlorine. So, before you start convincing yourself to skip the cleaning “just this once,” consider how unappealing a green pool can look.

How to Win the Pollen Battle

While you can’t prevent pollen and the male catkins (the type of pollen that looks like green worms) from falling into your pool, you can definitely do your part in keeping your equipment in working order.

During springtime, try these six tips to keep your pool clean:

  1. Skimmer baskets fill up really quick. Even though it may need to be emptied multiple times a day, frequently checking your skimmer baskets will help to keep your pool filtering as efficiently as possible.
  2. Regardless of how long you typically run your pool’s pump, during the peak of pollen season, it’s necessary to run between 12-14 hours per day.
  3. Just like the skimmer baskets, you have to empty the pool cleaner bag every day. If it’s too full to pick up more pollen, it’ll just collect on the surface of your pool.
  4. Maybe you’re over the dirty work. If so, spring is the perfect time to schedule a filter clean and inspection.
  5. If your cleaning habits have slipped a little, shocking your pool is always an option to start fresh again.
  6. And finally, always be sure your pool water is circulating! The more circulation, the better.

Pollen is inevitable, but without it, we wouldn’t have the beautiful blooms we associate with spring. Plus, the warmer weather has us wanting to spend more time outdoors, swimming in the pool and enjoying the new life. So, while it may seem tedious and never-ending, tending to your pool’s equipment during spring (and keeping it in working order for the peak of summer) is well worth the battle.

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