Is there anything more visually unappealing than a big dark stain at the bottom of your pool? We couldn’t agree more. Luckily, we’ve made it easy to properly identify the type of stain—and offer easy solutions to clean them correctly.

Metal Vs Organic Stains

In order to best remove a stain, you first must assess its source. By that we mean, is it a metal stain or an organic stain?

Metal Pool Stains

What could be most shocking is that metal stains can come from your pool water itself. If your pool relies on well water or if your town’s water source is highly metallic, the metals can settle on the bottom or side of your pool. Another possibility for a metal stain could be from metal pool equipment. Rusty or corroded pipes are the top contributors for most metallic pool stains. However, if you notice any red stains mixed with hints of green or brown, there may be an excess of iron in your pool.

Tips for Cleaning

  • For metal stains, chlorine won’t be your chemical of choice. Instead, try ascorbic acid!
  • Crush up any vitamin C tablets into a powder, then rub against the metal stain.
    • If the stain is from iron deposits, the color should begin to lighten after a few minutes.
    • If you don’t notice a difference after a few minutes, try switching to citric acid, as it’s better at treating copper (rust) stains.

Organic Pool Stains

If you notice pool stains that are brown, green, or blue/purple, organic materials may be to blame. For example, when berries, dirt, leaves, algae, and other plant matter pile up at the bottom of the pool, they can leave behind a stain or residue. While this can be annoying, it at least makes identifying organic stains easier because the culprit is likely still nearby. Luckily, organic matter (like dirt and leaves) isn’t difficult to remove, however it’s necessary to consistently clear them away as a brown discoloration can become permanent over time.

Tips for Cleaning

  • Chlorine can help you tackle any organic stain.
  • Try applying granular chlorine directly to the stain and you should see it immediately begin working.
    • If you’re noticing really tough stains, use a soft head brush for extra scrubbing power.

At Kelly’s Pool Care & Renovations, we know a thing or two about the importance of regular pool maintenance. It keeps your pool looking great (and working great!) and can really help you save on costly repairs or updates that otherwise could have been prevented. Whether you’re looking to schedule regular cleanings or have questions building a maintenance plan that works for you, we’ve got your answers.

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