Year-Round Maintenance

We all know the saying “out of sight, out of mind,” but this is absolutely not the case for swimming pools in the winter. Even if you haven’t been swimming in months, your pool still needs your attention.

Despite Texas’ relatively temperate weather, pool owners must still be cognizant of freezing temperatures and inclement conditions that may affect your pool equipment. Periodic maintenance checks will keep your pool running properly year round so you can be ready for a swim whenever you want.

To keep your pool parts in tip-top shape, try to follow these steps:

  1. As often as you can remember, go out and check your pool’s pump, heater and filter to make sure everything is working correctly. If during any of these periodic checks you notice a problem, you’ll be glad you caught it early and not later on when it could be a more costly fix.
  2. While you’re checking the pool equipment, make sure you can’t detect any leaks in the plumbing. Especially if you live in colder climates, freezing water can cause cracks which is never a good thing.
  3. If you’re unsure whether everything is looking good, call Kelly’s Pool Care & Renovation and we’ll help maintain your pool during the winter.

Freeze! We’re Here To Help

If there’s one thing about year-round maintenance that we can’t stress enough, it’s making sure you’re weather aware. If freezing temperatures are in the forecast, it’s absolutely necessary to ensure your pool equipment is running. When water freezes in the pipes, pool owners can experience the costly headaches of cracked and damaged pipes.

Luckily, we have a few tips to make sure you stay crack-free during the winter:

  1. Try using a digital timer with a temperature sensor. This device will notify you when the temperature begins to dip to low levels.
  2. Set alerts on your phone. If you want to know when the next freeze will be, set up your weather app to send you a notification when your local weather is getting icy.

Taking care of your pool during the winter may seem tedious (especially when you aren’t even swimming!), but come spring, you’ll be glad you did because your pool will be ready the minute the sun’s out. Call Kelly’s Pool Care & Renovation to get all the winter-time service checks you need.

Need Winter Help with Your Pool?

Kelly’s Pool Care & Renovation can help you maintain your pool in winter.