Kelly's Pool Care: Servicing Arlington, Colleyville, Coppell, Grapevine, Kennedale, Mansfield, N. Grand Prairie & Rendon, Texas



You will receive your monthly invoice around the 10th of each month. We are invoicing you for the current month that we are servicing. We charge a flat monthly rate. We do not charge extra for months that have 5 weeks, as most companies do. We are required to charge sales tax for both parts and service.

Payment Due Dates

Just like you expect your pool to be serviced each week in a timely manner, we require timely payment. Payments are due by the 20th of the current month for which service is performed. Payments are late if not received 10 days after the due date.

  • Invoice Date: January 10th for January Pool
  • Service Due Date: January 20th
  • Late fee accessed as of: January 30th

A late fee of $25.00 will be applied if complete payment is not received 10 days after the due date.
Returned check fee of $25.00 will be applied to all returned checks.

Water Levels

It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain a proper water level in the pool. Low water levels can result in equipment failure and be costly to repair.

Replacement Parts

We will replace small parts (under $50) as needed to keep your pool operating properly; these may be skimmer baskets, o’rings, skimmer lids, or pool cleaner parts (bags, wheels, or belts). The old item will be left on your deck or table upon replacement and you will be invoiced on your next monthly invoice. Any repairs or items that are over $50 will not be done without your prior approval.

Filter Cleaning

A filter should be completely disassembled and cleaned twice a year. We will notify you of this upcoming service on your monthly invoice prior to the service being performed. If you do not want this service performed you must CALL us immediately and notify us. There is an additional fee per cleaning, not including any replacement parts needed. Upon disassembly and inspection, we will replace any small parts (under $50). If several grids need replacing or any large problems need attention we will contact you for approval.

Under certain circumstances, such as wash in’s or construction/landscape work being done it may be necessary to perform this service more than twice a year. This is done to maintain the proper flow of your equipment and provide crystal clear water.


This is a huge part of what has made our company so successful. If you refer someone to us, please let us know about it! We will give you a $25 credit on your invoice for any new customer that we do service or repair work for.

Pool Access

Home owners are responsible for access to the backyard. You must provide us with a key or combination for any lock on the gate. If we cannot gain access to your backyard that service week will be skipped without credit for that week of service.


If a dangerous dog is present in the backyard at time of service, the homeowner is required to put dog in safe place until service is completed. If a dangerous dog cannot be restrained at time of service, that service week will be skipped without any credit for week skipped.


For holidays that fall on a week day, such as Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, or Thanksgiving, your service day may not be your normal day but your pool will be serviced that week.

Service Hiatus

Most pool service companies charge on a weekly basis (52 weeks/year); however, we charge a flat monthly rate. There are two weeks per year that your pool will not be serviced and the monthly rate will not be adjusted. These weeks include:

  1. The week between Christmas and New Years as we take this time to spend with our families.
  2. An additional week which you will be notified of in advance. Your pool will be left with enough chemicals to maintain the proper balance. We are always accessible by phone if an emergency arises.

Bad Weather

Every reasonable effort will be made to maintain your pool on a certain day of the week, every week. But sometimes the threat of severe weather conditions; such as freezing rain, thunder and lightning, etc. may not allow us to provide the same level of service or any service at all.

For example: No service will be done on days if freezing rain, icy roads or snowy conditions exist. There will not be any kind of compensation or refund or rescheduling of service due to any act of nature which prevents us from servicing your pool on your regularly scheduled day.