If we’re being honest, the vast majority of pool owners do not totally drain their pool for winter. We figure it’s not being used, so what’s the harm? As pool experts, we get it. But if you’re not going to drain the water, you must maintain your pool water’s chemistry. Balanced water is vital for a clean swimming pool as it helps prevent algae and bacteria buildup. When your pool water is maintained in the winter months, it makes it that much easier to start swimming once the summer months arrive.

As a pool owner, here are five tips for keeping your pool balanced during the cooler months:

  1. Check your pool’s pH levels regularly. Like we said, unbalanced water chemistry can contaminate your pool.
  2. Ditch last year’s pool chemicals. As they sit in storage they lose potency and won’t be as effective.
  3. Consider an enzyme product to help prevent water lines from forming on your siding and tiles. By using this, you’ll be scrubbing way less once it’s time to open your pool back up.
  4. While it may be tempting to completely forego all winter-time maintenance, you’ll end up paying a one-time cleaning fee (that’s not cost effective) to get your pool ready for swimmers once the warmer months roll around.
  5. If your “winter months” are still relatively temperate, as they tend to be here in the Dallas/Fort Worth region, it’s still just as important to regularly maintain your pool’s equipment. Just because you’re not swimming now, doesn’t mean this isn’t the same water you’ll be swimming in come a few months.

Keep your pool clean and avoid any possible contamination by simply checking your pool’s water chemistry as regularly as you would in the summer. The experts at Kelly’s Pools are here to help, so give us a call today.


We Can Help Keep Your Pool Balanced

The experts at Kelly’s Pools are here to help.