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Pool Safety

Shimmering Waters in a Swimming Pool

In 2012, the Gage family lost their boy, Connor, to a swimming accident.

Since then, Connor’s mom, Dana Gage, has been promoting water safety via her organization, The LV Project.

At Kelly’s, we encourage everyone to be aware of the dangers pools can pose. As a community, we know how necessary it is to actively maintain safe practices around your pools. Dana Gage, an amazing woman who continues to push forward through grief each and every day, turned the tragic loss of her son into a positive force to save others. Connor, Dana’s son, had attended the same elementary school as Kelly and Lisa McNeely’s children.

“Knowing that it could have been any one of our children has us wanting to support The LV Project with everything we can.” — Kelly McNeely

Teaching Kids to Swim Is Just the Beginning
Watch Your Loves
“Being in the pool business, we have always been aware of water safety and pool safety, but for me, it’s personal.

“I vividly remember being a young kid, maybe 9 or 10, and being at a relative’s house for July 4th. I was floating on a raft, waiting the parent-mandated 30 minutes before I could swim. My younger cousin, probably 3, just leaned over the deep end and tumbled in — no splash or anything.

“Luckily, I saw him and dove to get him and brought him back to the surface. None of the other 30-40 relatives heard or saw him fall in.” — Kelly’s wife, Lisa

Official Water Watcher
The safety precautions taken when swimming in pools can also be applied to all bodies of water. The McNeely family owns a lake house and are all too familiar with the potential accidents that can occur outside of just a pool. With larger bodies of water comes the introduction of boats, waves, and currents, making it vital to practice safety measures anytime you are near water. Staying alert and maintaining a degree of caution when playing in or around any body of water will better ensure the safety of everyone.

To learn more about water safety and The LV Project, click the Learn More button below or visit To be certain that your pool equipment is safe and operating efficiently, contact us and we will come perform free a safety check!

Home is where the pool is. Live, love, and swim safely!