It had been 20 years since Lea and Dan had their pool re-plastered and tiled, and their pool was beginning to show its age. Tiles were beginning to fall off, the plaster was worn and stained, and the styling was pretty old fashioned. So they decided to invest in a pool renovation.

After a house fire a year earlier, Lea and Dan had a bad experience with the contractor tasked with the repairs. They definitely wanted to avoid another experience like that, so they went with Kelly’s Pool Care & Renovation.

“Kelly has such an incredible reputation. Because he has been in this business for many years, he was so knowledgeable. Not only was his contract and bid good, we knew that when he gave us his word, we could trust him.”

“Kelly made it easy. He showed us samples of plaster and coping. Then he let us pick out the tile I wanted directly from his source. We wanted the deck redone as well, so he put us in touch with the company that he recommends and that worked out perfect as well.” — Lea & Dan Sullins

Before Pool Renovation

This is the before picture. The pool used old-style cast concrete coping, the plaster was worn and stained, and the tile was dated. The crucial mastic expansion joint was cracked and missing in places, potentially allowing moisture into the soil which can cause permanent damage from heaving.



The demo crew is knocking off old coping and tile, and the pool is in the process of being drained.


Tile set, time for coping

Here the tile has been set, and it’s time to begin work on the coping.


Closer Look at New Tile

This is a closer look at the new tile being installed.


New Flagstone Coping

The stonemason has cut custom flagstone coping. It is a beautiful improvement over the original cast concrete.


Flagstone Coping Puzzle

Setting the custom-cut flagstone coping is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.


Refilling the Pool

Finally, the pool is being refilled after getting new coping, tile, and plaster.


After Pool Renovation

This shot shows the completed renovation including new plaster, coping, and tile with added tile spotters on the steps.

This entire renovation project took just 10 days, ending with what we like best, a happy customer.

“Not only would I recommend Kelly to others, but I have, many times. Having Kelly’s Pool Care & Renovation redo our pool was a perfect experience!” — Dan Sullins

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