Summer is over, the weather has started to cool down, and your pool is no longer acting as center stage. After all the pool days, backyard barbeques, nighttime swims, and outdoor parties, you may realize your pool is due for some extra TLC.

Why Fall And Winter?

According to many pool experts, fall and winter are always recommended as the best time to remodel your pool. Among one of the most obvious reasons: it’s offseason. You don’t want to start repairs and remodels during the peak of summer when your pool is in high demand. Not to mention, while other pool owners may not consider remodeling projects until the springtime, you’d be one step ahead by booking your contractor in the fall.

Consider The Competition

Waiting until spring to remodel your pool may put you in an unfavorable position. As the weather warms up and pool owners begin to realize it’s time to get their remodeling projects done, everyone in town will be seeking the best contracting companies in town. To avoid having to sacrifice quality and/or time, skip the stress and get it done seasons earlier.

Save Spring for the Green

With any remodeling project, new ideas often arise as progress is being made. Specifically in the arena of pool remodels, it’s very common to want to make changes to your landscaping around the pool as well. Luckily, these additions and new ideas can all be accommodated if you start early. Save the fall and winter for physical changes to the pool and reserve the nice weather and ideal planting conditions of spring to update the yard and design elements around your pool.

As a pool owner, you know how important it is to have your pool in tip-top condition during the summer season. Don’t let busy schedules keep you from enjoying the showpiece of all your summer-fun activities. It’s never too early to start planning for fall, so for remodeling inquiries, call Kelly’s Pool Care for ideas, prices, and more information.

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