We’ve reached the time of year when the sweltering heat has subsided and the relief of a refreshing dip in the pool is no longer necessary. Whereas your swimming pool is typically used for, well swimming, it can seem like each autumn, the pool only functions to catch all the falling leaves. While tedious, it’s important to maintain a clean pool, even when out of service, as those pesky leaves can create large, costly problems.

If you like a clean pool, but want to avoid the hassle of constantly fishing out the leaves, read below for three simple ways to reduce your cleaning work.

How Do Leaves Stain My Pool?

Leaves are made up of astringent, polyphenolic biomolecules called tannins. These tannins are responsible for the leaf’s color which can bleed onto the pool surface, discoloring your pool over time. Similar to loose leaf tea, it’s as if the leaves in your pool are “steeping” and stains begin to form when these leaves are not quickly removed from the floor and skimmer basket.

You may have trees near your pool causing a continual influx of leaves. Make sure you clean out the leaves from the bottom of the pool. And most importantly, you have to empty the skimmer basket as frequently as possible. Your skimmer basket can play the role of a tea bag, slowly releasing the tannins from the leaves leaving a brownish stain, so you want to be sure to keep it clean.

If you notice stains on the surface of your pool, it might be beneficial to wait it out to see if they will naturally disappear as most leaf stains will fade away within a few weeks. However, if the stains have not lightened within the month, it’s time to get them treated.

It’s possible you have a stain that wasn’t caused by leaves. If you’re unsure of the nature of the stain, don’t treat it as a leaf stain. Call us and we can properly diagnose the issue.

Signs of Leaf Stains

  • Brown stains begin to form where leaves settle
  • Brown stains that don’t brush away like dirt would
  • Granular chlorine lightens the stains
  • Skimmer basket has a brownish stain as well

If you notice any of the above signs, call Kelly’s Pool Care for the best clean and care.

How Do I Prevent Staining?

Skimming by hand is one of the quickest and most effective ways to keep a pool clean. A few simple swipes will removefloating leaves before they sink to the bottom, greatly increasing the efficiency of the pool’s circulation system and reducing the need for chlorine.

However, the best way to keep leaves out of your pool from the start is to empty your skimmer baskets as often as needed. Rather than letting the skimmer basket fill up, disrupting the skimming action, dump the basket as soon as you see fit. Depending on where you live in regards to trees and falling leaves, this may be several times a day, but it’s still a lot easier than getting leaves off the bottom. If you have your swimming pool pump on a timer, you may want to run it longer so that the skimmers are working longer.

Is Your Pool Turning Brown?

We can fix it!