Let’s face it, hosting a backyard cookout, planning an outdoor birthday party, or maybe just partaking in a leisurely swim on a bright Saturday morning requires one thing: a welcoming pool. If your pool doesn’t quite say “jump on in, the water’s fine” maybe it’s time to consider a renovation, and luckily, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to transform the appearance of your pool.

If you’re interested in remodeling your slightly outdated, yet still functional, pool, read on for seven budget-conscious options.

  1. Lighting – Open Your Eyes to LED

    Ditch the simple floodlights for a more cost-effective, energy efficient option. Though the initial cost of installing LED pool lighting will be more expensive than other basic light options, the final gain will be in your favor, both look and price-wise. LED lights offer installation placement anywhere in the pool (above or below the waterline) giving you the opportunity to design an outdoor oasis that is completely unique. If that isn’t enough, LED lights also come in an array of colors, instantly transforming the pool from drab to fab.

    LED Lit Pool

  2. Resurface – Revamp the Entire Appearance

    Though resurfacing doesn’t fall under the “cheap” category by any means, this powerful renovation tactic can completely transform the look (and feel) of your swimming pool. The standard plaster finish that is typical to most pools can really begin to show the age of the pool. Options like an aggregate finish complete with different stones, shells, colors, and other materials can provide a stunning appearance to a previously outdated pool.

  3. Waterline Tile – When Water’s Low, Tiles Show

    Maybe the idea of committing to an entire resurfacing project is out of your comfort zone. No problem. Start with the most visible issue: the waterline tiles. Updating this border of tiles can immediately give your pool a modern look without spending a fortune.

  4. Pool Coping – Set the Stage

    Pea gravel, bull-nose brick, and other decades-old safety coping material don’t make for a beautiful, enticing, welcoming stage for the star of your backyard. Replace your pool’s surround with natural stone, slate, or modern coping stone to set the scene for a backyard oasis.

  5. Water Features – Wow with Water

    Though this option may seem a little over-the-top, features like waterfalls and sprayers are not difficult to install in an already existent pool. Imagine the “oohs” and “aahs” a beautiful stacked stone waterfall could illicit from family and friends. The extra electricity and increase water motion will raise the maintenance bill, but if the price is right for you, this is a luxury not to be missed.

  6. Energy Efficient Equipment – Go Green, Save Green

    One sure-fire way to lessen the cost of operating (and increase the overall value) without changing the pool’s appearance would be to update the pool’s systems to energy saving equipment. Options like variable speed pool pumps, efficient filters, and solar-powered features would use less electricity, keeping more money in your pocket for possible cosmetic updates further down the road.

  7. Automation Systems – Get Smart and Relax

    You may be sadly thinking, “my pool is too outdated for the constantly evolving pool technology that makes life easier for pool owners.” Have no fear. Newer features can easily be fitted to work with your older pool model. Say hello to automatic pool covers, robotic cleaners, and all-in-one pool control systems. Some of these features can even be controlled through a smartphone. Hey Siri, sign me up!

If any (or all!) of these options sound like something you’d like more information on, please reach out and we’d be more than willing to give feedback and suggestions.